AMD-3 LED resin review for Anycubic Photon 3D printer

AmeraLabs AMD-3 LED water washable resin review anycubic photon
Updated on July 19, 2018

Tinkerers, Makers, Designers and 3D printing enthusiasts Vinicius Silva (X3msnake) and Toby Kirkby (Toby1kanobi) compiled this wonderful AMD-3 LED resin review. They tested our material on Anycubic Photon 3D printers and shared their findings in this Facebook group: We are reposting it here with their permission for you to use and reference.


PRINTER: Anycubic PHOTON (PN10A32XX8097)

Test method: Exposure Card; Limit validation prints with AmeraLabs Town

Tester: X3msnake

Resin information


Observation tests

Smell: Less than Anycubic but slightly noticeable | Color pre-cure: Deep Black | Viscosity: Less than Anycubic | Water washable (IPA seems to be too strong and causes cracking)

Exposure tests

50 µm CARD 28.3º C > Exposure sweet spot: 10 s | Exposure range: 8-18 s | Detail holding: Very good at negative space. Fine positive spaces need longer exposures at cost of losing negative details

Verification tests

Minimum Exposure time for light supports (0.4mm tip) @50 µm: 12 s

Exposure cheat sheet

This cheat sheet shows how different layer exposure times may result in higher or lower details of the printed part.

AmeraLabs AMD-3 LED resin review calibration cheat sheet for Anycubic Photon

Download high resolution picture here:

Post processing

From the short tests I’ve done, this resin has a great potential for a reasonable price. Better details in the negative space than Anycubic black and about the same exposure sweet spot/range. I’ve found that, this resin is fragile to solvents and cracks easily with IPA but it turns out that this apparent “issue” is what make it really easy to clean with water.

Just got myself an Aldi 50 W 600 ml ultrasonic cleaner and printed this 9h model @10 µm layer to test photon’s max Z definition. The girl is 20 mm tall.

AmeraLabs AMD-3 resin LED review - cleaning resin with water in ultrasonic cleanerAmeraLabs AMD-3 LED resin review - resin cleaned with water in ultrasonic cleaner

First I did a single 180 s cycle with just water and most resin cleared without even adding soap. Look at the back with the supports those are 0.2 mm width supports and 0.2 cone tips. Then did a second 180 s cycle with hand soap enough to wash hands.

AmeraLabs AMD-3 LED resin review - resin cleaned with water in ultrasonic cleaner

The supported model photo is the pre-cured version then I removed supports and did 30 min post cure with a 35 W nail spa. After that I filed the nibs and did a new cycle with clean water and a squirt of rubbing alcohol. Great details and no unwanted cracks!

AmeraLabs AMD-3 LED resin review - resin cleaned with water in ultrasonic cleaner


Thanks X3msnake and Toby1kanobi, for cracking our material and this extensive AMD-3 LED resin review!

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