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AmeraLabs teaming up with Mini Monster Mayhem

3D printing competition

Mini Monster Mayhem is the creator of miniatures of dragons, monsters, and other tabletop monstrosity. Recently he has announced about the upcoming 3D printed miniatures paint competition. AmeraLabs has teamed up with Mini Monster Mayhem to provide 3D printing resins AMD-3 black and AMD-3 grey to the winners of this competition. The winners, among other prizes, will receive the following items:

We invite all creators of 3D printed miniatures to try themselves in this competition and have an opportunity to get our high quality resin.

More information about the upcoming competition can be found in Mini Monster Mayhem Patreon.

Never tried printing 3D miniatures? Not a problem – we have a blog post with the main tips for a successful first 3D print. Have a great printing!

Mini Monster Mayhem 3D printing Mini Monster Mayhem 3D printing Mini Monster Mayhem 3D printing Mini Monster Mayhem 3D printing

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