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3D printer test object

3D Printer Calibration print – updated AmeraLabs Town

It’s no secret calibrating your 3D printer is super important. Especially, if you want to figure out the ultimate capabilities of your 3D printer and 3D printing resin. Some time ago, we have created 3D printer calibration part for resin 3D printers. Our goal was to ease the stress of troubleshooting your 3D printer. In this article we would like to present some minor updates to our widely used and free 3D printer calibration part – AmeraLabs Town.

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AmeraLabs teaming up with The Printing Goes Ever On

The Printing Goes Ever On are the creators of high quality 3D printable miniatures inspired by the classic fantasy novels. Recently they have announced about making the contest for fantasy and tabletop games fans and invited them to join the contest to win 3D Printers and other great prizes. We have teamed up with The Printing Goes Ever On to provide the winners of this competition several batches of AMD-3 3D printing resin. The contest has just started and will end on 30th of November.

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9 common mistakes when switching from FDM to SLA 3D printing

If you are an FDM user thinking about switching to resin 3D printing (or maybe you’ve already made the switch), you must have heard that it’s a different world. In this article we will dive into some critical errors and misconceptions people make when transitioning from FDM to SLA 3D printing.

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6 Key Principles of resin 3D Printing Supports that Work

Sometimes after 3D printing with resin you only get support structures on the build plate instead of the intended object. We share key reasons behind why this happens and why support fail. Learn why support structures are needed in the first place and how to properly set them up for SLA 3D printing.

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