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Updated on December 11, 2018

This September we’ve decided to take our best-selling AMD-3 LED resin for modeling and figurines out of stock and stop selling it. Why? You may ask. Let me explain…


I’ll start from the beginning. We started manufacturing this resin in February 2018. Straightaway, it became very popular between model makers and over the next 6 months it was our best-selling material. AMD-3 LED was compatible with popular low powered LED/LCD 3D printers, so it was obvious why it was a go to resin for a lot of users.

At the same time, while we were delivering this material and providing service to our customers, our Research & Development activities didn’t stop. We ran hundreds of experiments every month with the goal to find great components and formulate new resins. We have tried different chemicals to identify those that has lowest smell, lowest shrinkage, enables to print tough, hard or flexible parts.

In September, we started noticing two trends. With a growing number of customers we started to receive new requirements, needs and suggestions. Some of those were: to increase build plate adhesion, hardness of the material and printing speed. Meanwhile, with our R&D activities we started to find components with the potential to improve our formula and fulfill most of those new requirements. Inspired by the vision of a better material, we had to make a difficult decision. We decided that our customers deserve only the best possible option and stopped selling AMD-3 LED resin.

We had a lot of work to do. Therefore, from that day on, all of our efforts were focused on developing new and improved version of this resin. We’ve fine tuned the formula, ran thorough tests, printed a bunch of different models, calibration stress tests and sent samples to a number of experienced 3D printing enthusiasts to get their feedback. Once we were happy with the results, we started negotiations and agreed new supply terms with our suppliers.

This focus to the R&D resulted in our absence in community discussions and we didn’t release any new blog articles during those two months. However, we hope that improved properties of the material will make up for those two lost months and that you will appreciate our efforts.


Two months later we are happy to announce, that reformulated AMD-3 LED is available again. New AMD-3 LED resin will be:

And it will maintain:

A picture is worth a thousand words

Here are some prints that we have 3D printed with this new resin:

AmeraLabs AMD-3 LED resin 3D printed AmeraLabs town calibration part AmeraLabs AMD-3 LED resin 3D printed custom chess set AmeraLabs AMD-3 LED resin 3D printed custom chess rook
AmeraLabs AMD-3 LED resin 3D printed gloomhaven sun deamon figurine AmeraLabs AMD-3 LED resin 3D printed gloomhaven guard figurine  AmeraLabs AMD-3 LED resin 3D printed gloomhaven guard figurine


Excited to try it? 

You can order a sample here: If you purchase this sample bottle and do not like the performance of our resin, we will refund the whole purchase amount except original shipping and handling costs! NO QUESTIONS ASKED and NO EXCUSES! We will not ask to return anything.

If you need bigger quantity, go here:

Happy printing!

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