AMD-6 DLP resin for Advanced Modelling and Miniatures


High resolution resin for modelling

We are proud to present AMD-6 resin specifically designed for modeling artists. All features of this resin were developed with one purpose in mind: to bring to life even slightest expressions of your characters and miniatures. Finest features like hair and wrinkles are captured when printing with this resin and allows you to materialize it just as you have envisioned it.



AmeraLabs AMD-6 is for 3D printers with DLP projectors AmeraLabs AMD-6 is NOT COMPATIBLE with powerful LASER based SLA 3D printers AmeraLabs AMD-6 is NOT COMPATIBLE with low powered LED/LCD 3D printers           AmeraLabs AMD-6 is for FEP Teflon film based VAT systems AmeraLabs AMD-6 is NOT COMPATIBLE with PDMS based VAT systems

AMD-6-DLP was calibrated to produce best results on DLP 3D printers using projectors which emit 400-420nm UV light. Also it should not be used with PDMS based resin trays, because it is too reactive and can damage your PDMS silicon layer. We strongly recommend to use it with FEP film based resin trays.

For example: 210 Watt projector emitting 3000 lm cures 50 um layer with 1,5 sec exposure. Adjust according to the specifications of your 3D printer and experiment to get the best results.

Compatible with: 3D Facture Draken, Kudo3D Titan 1, Titan 2, Phrozen One and 1.5, Little RP,  MiiCraft, Gizmo3D GiziMate, GiziPro, GiziMax, Atum3D, Futur3D DWARF, Reify Sous, 3D Labs Totem3D, Microlay DentalFab, mUVe Pro, Pro+,  3D Maker, ULTIPro+, ULTIPro MAX and similar 3D printers.

This material will not work on 3D printers with low powered LED light sources like Anycubic Photon, SparkMaker, Wanhao D7, Proniks YHD-101, YHD-102, KLD LCD 1250/1260/1268/2510, MiniQ, xCube, D2K Illuminate and similar 3D printers. Take a look at AMD-3 LED material, if you have these 3D printers.



Education and training Entertainment Modelling and miniatures

Resin properties



at 25° C

180 – 200 cPs

ISO 868

85 Shore D
UV Lightsource Wavelength 365 – 420 nm
Shrinkage less than 0,75%
Color Crystal Black or Red Dye
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