IPR-10 SLA 250 ml SAMPLE for MOAI 3D printer


If you purchase this sample bottle and do not like the performance of our resin,

we will refund the whole purchase amount except original shipping and handling costs!


We will not ask to return anything.

Hard resin for Industrial Prototyping with Peopoly Moai SLA 3D printer

IPR-10 resin was formulated to produce parts with strength and a bit of flexibility. This unique UV 3D printer ink will enable you to print high resolution parts for functional performance. Designed specifically for Peopoly Moai 3D printer.



While this material may work on other SLA laser 3D printers, it is formulated to perform on Peopoly Moai with PDMS VAT.


Initial printing settings

You should set laser power to 56-57 and leave other settings with default values on Moai 3D printer. Start with these and then adjust based on the printing results.

You can find additional information here: The Beginner’s Guide to 3D printing with AmeraLabs resins



Fast functional prototyping Aerospace Automotive Consumer goods Education and training Entertainment Manufacturing, injection molding, tooling, jigs and fixtures Modelling and miniatures

Resin properties


Tensile Strength at Yield

ISO-527, post cure

62 MPa
Elongation at Yield

ISO-527, post cure


at 25° C

400 cPs

ISO 868

80 Shore D
UV Lightsource Wavelength 365 – 420 nm
Shrinkage less than 0,75%
Color Coal Black
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