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AmeraLabs teaming up with The Printing Goes Ever On

3D printing contest
Updated on November 4, 2020

The Printing Goes Ever On are the creators of high quality 3D printable miniatures inspired by the classic fantasy novels. Recently they have announced about making the contest for fantasy and tabletop games fans and invited them to join the contest to win 3D Printers and other great prizes. We have teamed up with The Printing Goes Ever On to provide the winners of this competition several batches of AMD-3 3D printing resin. The contest has just started and will end on 30th of November.

There are two categories in this competition, paint and craft, both having separate prizes. A painter’s quest is to paint one 3D miniature and put it into the theme’s context playing with details, colors, lights, or base. A craftsman’s task is to create a diorama using models from The Printing Goes On Patreon chapters and there’s also a chance to win other prizes in the contest’s Facebook post.

The prizes for this competition include:

We invite you to take part in this contest and do some amazing 3D prints.

You can read more in the original The Printing Goes Ever On article.

The Printing goes Ever on and AmeraLabs contest




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