AmeraLabs 2023 3D Printing Journey Overview

Welcome, dear readers, to the AmeraLabs 2023 3D Printing Journey Overview – a chronicle of a year marked by groundbreaking moments, global adventures, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the realm of 3D printing. As we turn the pages of this digital narrative, join us in revisiting the highlights, milestones, and exciting developments that defined our journey through the dynamic landscapes of board games, pop culture extravaganzas, cutting-edge 3D printing events, and the unveiling of revolutionary resin products....

AmeraLabs E-commerce platform upgrade project

E-commerce platform upgrade

AmeraLabs started an e-commerce platform upgrade project partially financed by European Regional Development Fund. The goal of this project is to implement new functionality on our e-commerce platform for our B2B customers, partners and resellers to easier manage their details, orders and invoices. ...

AmeraLabs Cobramode patreon collaboration painting competition announcement blog thumb

AmeraLabs teaming up with CobraMode Miniatures

CobraMode Miniatures stands out from the crowd with their unique high quality sculpts for 3D printing, tabletop gaming and hobby painting. We are proud to announce our partnership with CobraMode Miniatures for their upcoming miniature paint competition....


3D Printer Calibration print – updated AmeraLabs Town

It's no secret calibrating your 3D printer is super important. Especially, if you want to figure out the ultimate capabilities of your 3D printer and 3D printing resin. Some time ago, we have created 3D printer calibration part for resin 3D printers. Our goal was to ease the stress of troubleshooting your 3D printer. In this article we would like to present some minor updates to our widely used and free 3D printer calibration part - AmeraLabs Town....

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AmeraLabs teaming up with The Printing Goes Ever On

The Printing Goes Ever On are the creators of high quality 3D printable miniatures inspired by the classic fantasy novels. Recently they have announced about making the contest for fantasy and tabletop games fans and invited them to join the contest to win 3D Printers and other great prizes. We have teamed up with The Printing Goes Ever On to provide the winners of this competition several batches of AMD-3 3D printing resin. The contest has just started and will end on 30th of November....


AmeraLabs teaming up with Mini Monster Mayhem

AmeraLabs is teaming up with Mini Monster Mayhem for paint competitions to provide prizes for the competition winners....

AmeraLabs joins ecolabnet for eco friendly SLA resins development

AmeraLabs joins Ecolabnet – network of service providers for eco-innovations

Ecolabnet is a project funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region which aims to create a network of service providers for supporting eco-innovations in manufacturing SMEs of Baltic Sea Region....

AmeraLabs ESD safe resin EU project thumbnail picture

AmeraLabs develops ESD materials

AmeraLabs started a project to develop "Photopolymer materials for 3D printing items with dissipative properties to produce ESD safe parts.", partially financed by the European Union....


Worldwide shipping

We have upgraded our delivery services! AmeraLabs resins are now ready to travel the world....


Life Fit for REACH

AmeraLabs is participating in international project Life Fit for REACH, the main objective of which is to ensure the efficient management of chemicals in the company and reduce the use of hazardous chemicals by replacing them with safer alternatives....

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