AmeraLabs 2023 3D Printing Journey Overview

Welcome, dear readers, to the AmeraLabs 2023 3D Printing Journey Overview. It’s a year filled with groundbreaking moments, global adventures, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in 3D printing. Throughout this digital narrative, join us in revisiting the highlights, milestones, and exciting developments that shaped our journey. From board games to pop culture extravaganzas, cutting-edge 3D printing events, and the unveiling of revolutionary resin products, our journey traverses dynamic landscapes.

AmeraLabs at Spiel Essen 2023

Located in the vibrant heart of the Ruhr area in Germany, the Spiel Essen Expo reigns as the premier public fair for board games worldwide. Transitioning into Spiel Essen, “play” transcends mere words; it becomes an immersive experience, a jubilant celebration where gamers delve into new titles, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and, above all, revel in the joy of gaming.

As the foremost board game event globally, Spiel Essen unveiled thousands of eagerly anticipated new releases awaiting discovery and firsthand experience. Essen itself transformed, becoming a veritable gaming paradise. Explainer guides facilitated immediate gameplay, while authors personally engaged with fans, signing their works and sharing the excitement of their creations. AmeraLabs didn’t merely make a fleeting appearance; our presence epitomized a commitment to innovation and community engagement. Seamlessly integrated into the dynamic fabric of Spiel Essen, we left an indelible mark on the gaming landscape.

AmeraLabs at Comic Con Baltics 2023

Now, fasten your seatbelts as we transition to the heart of lively Vilnius, Lithuania. Comic Con Baltics 2023 burst onto the scene at the expansive LITEXPO venue, spreading excitement across a whopping 16,000 sq.m. Unable to resist the call of this colossal entertainment extravaganza, we dove headfirst into the action. Inviting enthusiasts, fans, and partners alike, we warmly encouraged them to embark on an epic journey in the heart of the Baltics.

Over three exhilarating days, Comic Con Baltics hosted a staggering crowd of more than 25,500 visitors from around the globe. For AmeraLabs, this event wasn’t just an opportunity; it was a golden ticket to showcase our brand and cutting-edge products. Reaching a massive gathering of pop-culture aficionados, the event went beyond vibrant costumes and an electrifying atmosphere. Comic Con Baltics provided a stage for exposure, not to mention a robust reach on social media and priceless networking opportunities. This alignment with industry titans like Dell, Sony, Monster Energy, and others elevated AmeraLabs. The Baltics witnessed a convergence of culture, creativity, and pure excitement, and we were thrilled to be right in the midst of it all!

AmeraLabs 3D Printing Cameo at Formnext 2023

Now, let’s shift gears and step into the exciting world of Formnext 2023 with AmeraLabs! Picture a buzzing space filled with possibilities and innovation. AmeraLabs 2023 debut at Formnext was truly spectacular in this global 3D printing event. Amidst the bustling expo, we delved into the potential of volumetric manufacturing. Additionally, we explored innovative technologies that push the boundaries of what’s possible in 3D printing.

Excitement peaked as we witnessed the efficiency of all-in-one printing machines. Reinforcing our commitment to supplying high-quality materials, our participation in the Resin Material Alliance spoke volumes. The unveiling of the new CHITUBOX slicer software version caught our attention, offering enhanced precision and workflow efficiency—features aligning seamlessly with our dedication to continuous improvement.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us at Formnext 2023. Your valuable insights and shared enthusiasm fueled our excitement throughout the event. Reflecting on the innovative solutions and emerging trends witnessed at Formnext, we are eager to integrate these advancements into our future endeavors. Whether you’re rolling the dice at Spiel Essen, diving into pop culture at Comic Con Baltics, or exploring the innovative world of 3D printing at Formnext – AmeraLabs is there, making waves and leaving an imprint of innovation and engagement across the globe.

New Partnerships

At AmeraLabs, our commitment to ensuring the global reach of our high-quality resins is unwavering, with a few exceptions (we’re looking at you, Antarctica. We get it, penguins are not quite ready for 3D printing. Soon, maybe?). The excitement of our expanding journey is magnified by adding dynamic partners to our distributor network, fortifying our presence worldwide.

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest distributors:  

  • 3D Junkie (UK): Neill’s Materials company, a trailblazer in the UK materials scene, serving professionals across diverse sectors such as TV and film, Teaching and simulation, Tooling and composites, and more.
  • Excellent Minis (UK): A subsidiary of The Plastic Soldier Company (UK), specializing in 3D printing materials and offering miniature 3D printing services.
  • Lemona (LTU, LV, EE): A leading electronics supplier in the Baltics with a rich history spanning over 20 years in the industry.
  • Filamente3D (ROU): Hailing from Romania, this reseller is a go-to destination for 3D printers and materials, providing enthusiasts with diverse options. 
  • Polyalkemi (NO): Norwegian supplier of 3D printers, quality filaments, and the finest accessories. 

As we embark on this exciting journey, stay tuned to our social media channels for updates as more resellers join the AmeraLabs bandwagon in 2024! The journey continues, and we’re thrilled to have you along.

AmeraLabs Becomes a Member of RMA

In a strategic move to enhance the 3D printing experience, AmeraLabs proudly announces its collaboration with the CHITUBOX Resin Material Alliance (RMA). This partnership underscores our dedication to ensuring seamless and optimized 3D printing journeys for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

As a proud CHITUBOX Resin Material Alliance member, AmeraLabs now provides recommended settings for our resins. This invaluable resource empowers users with precise configurations to unlock the full potential of our innovative 3D printing materials. Consequently, we hope this will make your printing process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Collaborations & Giveaways

In the dynamic realm of 3D printing and creative collaboration, AmeraLabs took a proactive stance in 2023, fostering creativity and community engagement through impactful collaborations and giveaways. A notable highlight was the generous distribution of over 100 liters (about 27 gal) of premium resin, underscoring our commitment to supporting community projects and competitions.

Believing in the importance of providing access to high-quality materials for 3D printing, we actively contributed to contests hosted by esteemed partners. Some of the many are Archvillain Games, Dragon Trappers Lodge, and Mammoth Factory. This collaboration not only showcased the versatility of our premium resin but also facilitated the flourishing of the resin-printing ecosystem in the wider 3D printing community.

As we reflect on this resin-filled year, we encourage you to stay tuned for upcoming contests and collaborations with our partners. Join us on this resinous adventure, as we continue to celebrate and support creators worldwide. Our journey goes beyond mere material distribution; it is a collaborative and vibrant exploration of possibilities, enriched by the diverse talents and innovative visions of creators around the globe.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we invest 6 to 24 months in formulating new resins. This meticulous process embodies our unwavering commitment to innovation. Furthermore, 2023 was marked by the release of long-awaited products and set the groundwork for upcoming product releases in 2024.

XVN-50 Launch

In September 2023, the grand reveal of AmeraLabs XVN-50 marked a milestone in delivering top-tier 3D printing resins. This product exemplifies our unwavering dedication to quality. It’s noteworthy that XVN-50 boasts impressive impact resistance, balanced flexibility, and remarkable dimensional stability. These features render it ideal for diverse applications – from robust prototypes to intricate end-use parts. With its solid black finish and an 82 Shore D hardness after post-curing, XVN-50 ensures a sleek, polished result. Furthermore, the resin’s post-printing adaptability, moisture resistance, and compatibility with various printers make it a versatile and efficient choice.

Preparing the Ground For TGM-7 Color Launch

Exciting updates are on the horizon! AmeraLabs is thrilled to announce the groundwork for the upcoming launch of vibrant color variants of TGM-7. Imagine a canvas adorned in crimson red, sky blue, and sunflower yellow. Each hue is a brushstroke in the world of miniature adventures. Beyond offering standalone colors, TGM-7 resins invite blending, mixing, and merging, providing an artist’s palette to craft a spectrum limited only by imagination.

The journey with our new color resin line extends far beyond the point of purchase. We eagerly anticipate your feedback. We can’t stress this enough – your opinions play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our innovations. Join us on this vibrant expedition, allowing your tabletop creations to flourish in a palette of limitless possibilities. Stay tuned as we plan to unveil the TGM-7 color variants in Q1 of 2024.

Apologies to our avid readers who may have noticed a brief pause in AmeraLabs 3D printing blog activity throughout 2023. We’ve been on the move, literally and figuratively! Amidst transitioning to a new office and unveiling groundbreaking products, the AmeraLabs blog took a brief pause. But worry not; we’re making a return with a stellar addition! Resin 3D Printing Troubleshooting: A Comprehensive Guide, crafted by our seasoned experts. It is a testament to the 3D printing knowledge and hands-on experience accumulated over the years.

Other AmeraLabs 2023 3D printing blog posts that you could have missed are:  

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New ISO Quality Certification

In a landmark achievement, AmeraLabs proudly announces the attainment of ISO13485 quality certification. This certification stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products and services in 3D printing. It also sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead marked by innovation, expansion, and a renewed dedication to quality.

As we stride into the future, AmeraLabs is set to launch a Class 1 dental try-in material in Q1 of 2024. This significant development results from our relentless pursuit of excellence, aligning seamlessly with the stringent quality standards set by ISO13485. Our venture into dental materials marks a significant stride, opening avenues for precise and reliable applications in the field of dentistry.

Persistent Growth

The heartbeat of AmeraLabs has quickened with remarkable growth. Our company has tripled in size. Furthermore, we’ve relocated to a state-of-the-art facility to accommodate this expansion. This strategic move reflects our commitment to efficiency and positions us to elevate our production capabilities.

To add even more, in the first quarter of 2024, AmeraLabs is poised for a production revolution. We are set to triple our production capacity, ensuring our cutting-edge 3D printing resins and materials reach a wider audience. This expansion is a proactive response to the growing demands of our vibrant and dynamic community.  

AmeraLabs is not only expanding physically but also intellectually. We are enhancing our team by welcoming 3D printing specialists on board. This talented group of experts will be dedicated to fine-tuning print settings and exploring innovative techniques. By growing our team, we are poised to elevate our capabilities. This will allow us to contribute even more to the forefront of 3D printing innovation.

As we embark on this transformative journey, AmeraLabs remains steadfast in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in 3D printing. Join us as we continue to innovate, elevate, and redefine the future of additive manufacturing. 

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