Are your materials better than others?

Most likely – yes! Please check the properties of each product and you will find that they have exceptional properties for that price.

What is the main difference between AMD-3 LED and AMD-6 DLP?

Both of these materials are specifically designed for modeling applications, thus their material related properties are very similar. However, both of them are designed to work with different resin 3D printing technologies. AMD-3 LED is designed to be extremely fast-curing material under low light-energy conditions. Its main purpose is to work with LED/LCD based 3D printers (like Wanhao D7). AMD-6 DLP, on the other hand, is designed to work with DLP 3D printers that typically possess high-power UV light sources or beam projectors like Acer H6510BD or similar. For more compatibility options, please check product description page.

Does your resin work on my 3D printer?

This really depends on the printer you have. Our resins were tested on many consumer level stereolithography 3D printers that cures material using UV light. However, each machine might need some calibration before printing.

We have adjusted our resins to work on DLP and LED/LCD machines and stated starting points for setting up your printer in the description page of each resin. Take notice, that some materials are too reactive for those printers, that have PDMS layer in their VAT.

If you don’t feel confident that your machine is compatible with our 3D printing resin, just contact our support support@ameralabs.com.

What wavelength does your resin cure at?

All of our resins cure under the UV light with the wavelengths from 225nm to 420nm. The peak absorption is at 365nm.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes! Unless you are in a country with export restrictions from the EU (such as North Korea and Iran), we do ship to your country.

Do I have to pay any customs fees?

Local customs authorities may charge duties or fees upon import. We do not handle any custom fees and it should be it paid by you at your countries customs service.

As a general rule, for customers based in EU, no custom fees will be added.

Do I have to pay any tax/VAT?

For EU customers we add VAT tax of 21%. If you are EU VAT registered company and are eligible for VAT exemption, drop us an e-mail (sales@ameralabs.com) before proceeding with your checkout. We will mark you as a VAT exempt customer and you will be able to place an order without VAT tax.

For customers outside EU, we do not add any VAT tax.

In some countries local customs authorities may charge duties or fees upon import.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated during the checkout process. You can review the final shipping cost before completing your purchase in the Store. Orders are shipped via post office as we have found that this is the most cost efficient way. If you want your resin delivered faster, choose UPS delivery options.

If you do not find delivery option that is right for you, contact us (sales@ameralabs.com).

When are orders shipped?

We will ship your order as soon as possible. Usually it takes 1-3 work days. Once we ship it, we will provide you with a tracking number. Shipment and delivery schedules may be impacted by regional and federal holidays. Given uncertainties in shipping, product availability, and circumstances outside our control (weather etc.) we cannot guarantee exact shipping dates.

Can I print food containers or toys for kids?

We have not tested our resins for food safety. Do not touch or ingest uncured resin!

Event printed parts should not be used if there is a high risk of ingestion.

Does your 3D printing resin have expiration date?

We give our 3D printing materials 1 year expiration term. However, if kept in a cool, dry and dark place, it should stay fine way longer.

How should I store the resin?

Keep it in a cool, dry and dark place. You can leave it in resin tank after printing, but the same rules apply: keep it cool, dry and in darkness.

Do not pour unused resin from your VAT tank back to the bottle as it may contaminate you resin. Alternatively, you can keep unused resin in a glass or HDPE plastic containers. You can purchase HDPE bottles to store unused resins here.

Are there any handling requirements?

For full safety guide, please check our MSDS

Handling of our resin is similar to other 3D printing materials in the market:

I did not find what I need. Can you develop UV materials for my specific requirements?

Yes! We are open for suggestions and custom development requests. Please contact us sales@ameralabs.com

Can your resin be used for casting?

Currently we do not have any resin for casting applications. You can e-mail us at sales@ameralabs.com and we will let you know once we finish developing our castable resin.

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