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Welcome to AmeraLabs! 

We are as crazy about 3D printing as you. But are you as crazy about getting the most of your 3D prints as we are?  

In 2017, we felt the need for 3D printing resins that were both fast curing and could retain accuracy and details as the ones available on the market were not able to do it. That’s when we decided to make our own 3D printing resin and later – establish AmeraLabs – a brand that develops and manufactures high quality 3D printing resins for experts and beginners alike.  

Our aim at AmeraLabs is to produce top quality 3D printing resins dedicated to miniatures artists, engineers, and dental technicians. Currently, we sell several different types of 3D printing resins: AMD-3, TGM-7, DMD-21, DMD-31 DLP, SiOmaster, XVN-50 and ESD-R-100. What started as a passion project became the top choice for many 3D printing enthusiasts worldwide. Currently, we sell to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Not only do we manufacture 3D printing resins, but we also spread knowledge about 3D printing by writing AmeraLabs blogs and offer our personal support to anyone in need. 

AmeraLabs is a brand of Lithuanian company MB Labsamera, based in Europe. 


Company: MB Labsamera

Draugystės g. 14

51259 Kaunas


Company reg. code: 304522059

VAT: LT100011574412

Contact person: Andrius Darulis

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