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Category: Tutorials

6 Key Principles of resin 3D Printing Supports that Work

Sometimes after 3D printing with resin you only get support structures on the build plate instead of the intended object. We share key reasons behind why this happens and why support fail. Learn why support structures are needed in the first place and how to properly set them up for SLA 3D printing.

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Experiment: 3D Printing Supports that Work

In a previous blog post “6 Key Principles of 3D Printing Supports that Work” we have covered why support structures are needed, how to properly set them up for SLA 3D printing and the key reasons behind failing supports. This time we set out to prove our assumptions with an experiment.

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9 common mistakes when switching from FDM to SLA 3D printing

If you are an FDM user thinking about switching to resin 3D printing (or maybe you’ve already made the switch), you must have heard that it’s a different world. In this article we will dive into some critical errors and misconceptions people make when transitioning from FDM to SLA 3D printing.

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How to design parts for SLA 3D Printing

In this article we will cover key design elements of SLA 3D printed parts. It is dedicated to experienced users who are already familiar with SLA 3D printing basics and are capable of designing their own parts.

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