How to design parts for SLA 3D Printing

In this article we will cover key design elements of SLA 3D printed parts. It is dedicated to experienced users who are already familiar with SLA 3D printing basics and are capable of designing their own parts.

How to Make Jewellery with Silicone Mold

Learn how to make Jewellery using silicone mold and your 3D printer. Jeweller gives a high-level overview of the process and dives into a few areas to give some specific tips and advice.

Can IPA cause cracks on my 3D prints?

Although many of us use IPA (isopropyl alcohol) to clean our DLP 3D printed models, not many know what impact it may have on their 3D prints. In this edition we will conduct an experiment on how IPA can affect our SLA 3D prints.

6 Key Principles of 3D Printing Supports that Work

Sometimes after 3D printing with resin you only get support structures on the build plate instead of the intended object. We share key reasons behind why this happens and why support fail. Learn why support structures are needed in the first place and how to properly set them up for SLA 3D printing.