3D printing settings for AmeraLabs resins

Find Your Initial 3D Printing Settings for AmeraLabs Resins!

On this page, we have compiled initial 3D printing settings for AmeraLabs resins compatible with the most popular 3D printers.

We intentionally avoid calling these settings “recommended” because your ideal 3D printing settings depend on various factors: the UV light power of your 3D printer, resin and room temperature, condition of your build plate, and resin tray film, among others. Fine-tuning will be necessary to achieve the right settings for your specific 3D printer.

Consider these settings as a starting point and adjust them based on the results you obtain. We recommend printing AmeraLabs’ calibration part and following its guide to determine the perfect settings for your 3D printer.

If you are new to 3D printing, we suggest reading through this guide to clarify these initial settings: “The Complete Resin 3D Printing Settings Guide for Beginners.”

Finally, please approach these settings with a degree of caution. While they provide a good starting point, there may be some inaccuracies. If you identify any discrepancies or would like to share your settings, please contact our support team at support@ameralabs.com.

To proceed, select your 3D printer, resin, color, and desired layer height.

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