Durable 3D resin for tabletop gaming miniatures
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TGM-7 resin is designed specifically for 3D printing durable tabletop gaming miniatures. Perfect balance between stiffness, impact resistance and flex was found to protect miniatures from breaking when dropped or in heated gaming sessions. This 3D printing resin allows capturing most detailed miniatures with its hard, non-sticky and paintable surface. More flexibility, less fragility.

Combine classic TGM-7 colors with the new bold shades to inject a splash of color into your prints. Print colored details directly and minimize painting with the new vibrant shades. You can also experiment with color mixing and create unique hues by combining chosen colors. Use the same printing settings when mixing red, yellow, blue, and white TGM-7 resins.

TGM-7 colors have the same properties as all TGM-7 resins, they are designed to create miniatures that are built to last, withstanding intense battles, while showcasing every intricate detail.

TGM-7 color mixing palette

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Similarly to AMD-3, TGM-7 produces dimensionally accurate and stable resin miniatures. More flexibility and stiffness ensure that the 3D prints are precise but less brittle. Combined with paintable opaque and non-sticky surface, this resin is a perfect choice for minis that can be actively used for tabletop gaming.

Resin is available in grey, clear and white colors. Grey and white are carefully pigmented to get ideal color that expresses the most intricate details of your resin miniatures. Colors are almost fully opaque. Surface is non-sticky and hard (75-85 shore D). After post-cure, print does not feel sticky or tacky and is pleasant to touch. It does not scratch very easily. It can be primed and painted with most popular paints.

TGM-7 is designed to work even on low powered LED/LCD 3D printers equipped with LED light sources emitting 365-420nm UV light. Compatible with color and monochrome LCD 3D printers.

We have recommended 3D printing settings for many 3D printers here: AmeraLabs resin settings

TGM-7 is not resistant to moisture. 3D printed objects with TGM-7 material should not be used for models and parts that will be in constant contact with water, organic solvents or other liquids.

If you need resin that is resistant to moisture and chemicals, look at our AMD-3 resin.

We have a separate guide to get you started here: Key strategies for 3D printing with TGM-7 resin

In short, for a successful print, we recommend:

We have a separate guide to get you started here: Key strategies for 3D printing with TGM-7 resin

TGM-7 material has a bit higher viscosity than most 3D printing resins. This 3D material should not be left submerged in solvents for extended periods of time. By all means do not leave submerged in IPA or any other liquid for more than 40 minutes. Doing so might ruin your models and affect final properties of polymer material.

If you use Anycubic Wash and Cure, leave the printed object submerged in IPA for 12 minutes. Depending on the results, you can repeat this step again and leave for additional 6 minutes.

If you prefer to clean with ordinary IPA baths, here is our easy 4 steps cleaning procedure:

  1. After taking your printed object off the build plate leave it submerged in the IPA bath for 10 minutes.
  2. Swirl the IPA bath with our part in it actively for another 1 minute.
  3. After swirling, leave it still, but fully submerged for another 10 minutes. At this point it would be wise to change IPA to clean one.
  4. Finally, swirl the bath actively again for 1 minute.

Evaluate cleaning results and repeat this procedure only once (if needed).

If you prefer cleaning with ultrasonic cleaner, we recommend to put a printed part into the container with IPA, close it well and put the container into the ultrasonic cleaner filled with water. Leave it for no more than 10 minutes. No additional heating is necessary.

It is easier to remove supports before post-curing. However, you can also post-cure a print with supports and remove them later. Depending on the model this can help to obtain better geometries if you have such goal. Post-curing time depends on your curing station, it can vary from 5 minutes to 1 hour (until the surface of your 3D print becomes non-sticky). You should post-cure immediately after cleaning and drying. After proper post-curing surface of TGM-7 printed resin miniatures should be completely non-sticky and very hard to scratch.

Tensile Strength at Break: 35-40MPa (ISO-527, post-cured) 
Elongation at Break: 42-52% (ISO-527, post-cured) 
Viscosity: 300-400 cPs (at 25°C) 
Hardness: 75-85 Shore D (ISO 868) 
Compatible UV Wavelength: 365 – 420 nm

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