Life Fit for REACH

AmeraLabs life fit for reach participant
Updated on April 6, 2018

AmeraLabs is participating in an international project Life Fit for REACH

From December, 2017 AmeraLabs started to participate in international project Life Fit for REACH (No. LIFE14ENV/LV000174). The main objective of this project is to ensure the efficient management of chemicals in the company and reduce the use of hazardous chemicals by replacing them with safer alternatives. It seeks to eliminate hazardous chemicals and prepare for future legal restrictions today.

One of the main expected results of the project is assessment and reduction of the negative environmental impact of hazardous chemicals; positive impact of the replacement of hazardous substances on company’s economic activities and employee health.

More information about the project:

The Project “Baltic pilot cases on reduction of emissions by substitution of hazardous chemicals and resource efficiency” (LIFE Fit for REACH, No.LIFE14ENV/LV000174) is co-financed with the contribution of the LIFE Programme of the European Union