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AmeraLabs teaming up with CobraMode Miniatures

AmeraLabs Cobramode patreon collaboration painting competition announcement blog

Updated on June 8, 2021

We are proud to announce our partnership with CobraMode Miniatures for their upcoming miniature paint competition.

CobraMode Miniatures stands out from the crowd with their unique high quality sculpts for 3D printing, tabletop gaming and hobby painting. The founders of CobraMode, Erin and Andrea, are two creative professionals making 3D models for tabletop games. Both come with experience of producing video games, Erin as a 3D artist and Andrea as a 2D artist.

This outstanding patreon will award you every month with :

  • Monthly Collection of unique character minis
  • Custom bases and plop terrain or props
  • Pre-supported .STL files, and editable .LYS support files by Atlas3D
  • Rich lore and backstories for each character
  • 5E stats by Ben Green (currently on hiatus)
  • 50% off coupon code for our back catalog on
  • Access to our exclusive Discord with dedicated printing support, early WIP teasers, direct chat with Erin and Andrea, weekly paint-along club, and more!

We are happy to sponsor prizes for CobraMode’s upcoming paint competition. The winners will get to try our TGM-7 resin for tabletop gaming miniatures. So support these amazing creators and take your chance to win some resin!

Rules of this competition can be found on CobraMode Miniatures patreon.


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