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Universal FEP film sheet

size: A4 sheet (210 × 297 millimetres or 8.27 × 11.69 inches)
8.0065.00 excl. VAT

Optical grade universal FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) film pre-cut into A4 sheets for high resolution 3D printing.

-OPTICAL GRADE CLARITY. One of the clearest plastics available on the market. Excellent transmission of ultraviolet rays and visible rays. No significant light refraction or reflection
-EXCELENT RELEASE. The lowest surface energy of all plastic films. Displays excellent print release and anti-stick properties
-LASTING. Resistant to high temperatures. Chemically resistant
-UNIFORM THICKNESS AND CLARITY. Two thicknesses available: standard 127 μm and high resolution 50 μm. Consistent printing throughout the whole VAT
-BIG SHEETS. FEP is precut into A4 size sheets (210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches)

You can make two 5.5 inch sheets out of one A4 sheet by cutting it with scissors.

We give 100 days money back guarantee for this 250 ml sample - read more
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