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3D Printer Calibration print – updated AmeraLabs Town

3D printer test object

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It’s no secret calibrating your 3D printer is super important. Especially, if you want to figure out the ultimate capabilities of your 3D printer and 3D printing resin. Some time ago, we have created 3D printer calibration print for resin 3D printers. Our goal was to ease the stress of troubleshooting your 3D printer. In this article we would like to present some minor updates to our widely used and free 3D printer calibration print AmeraLabs Town. No worries, no major changes were made, just small improvements and fixes to make life easier for you.

We have been receiving very positive feedback about our AmeraLabs town 3D printer calibration part for a very long time. However, we also collected suggestions from our customers on how to improve the calibration part. Based on these suggestions we would like to introduce a few minor updates to the 3D printer calibration print. We hope that they will solve some annoying issues as well as bring better looks. Hopefully, all these decisions of architects of our AmeraLabs town calibration part will make you happier!

Changes we made in our 3D printer calibration print

Antenna Tower

It was always a tricky feature. Not many 3D printers manage to get this object right. Nor many materials are hard enough to withstand that extreme cross-sectional area change at the end of the tower. Failure to produce this feature resulted in a small blob of cured resin on the bottom of the resin tray.

But this feature is so awesome that we had to find a way how to preserve it. To overcome the risk of cured resin blobs on the bottom of the VAT, our architects suggested to build a roof over the tower! Yes, roof! The new roof will look very nice as well as bring desired protection against cured blobs.

3D printer calibration part Antenna Tower

This is how it works: if upper segment of the tower fails and cured resin blob is left on the FEP/PDMS, subsequent layers that overlap tower will collect all trash that was left behind by that failed feature!

A lot of benefits come here in to play. This will vastly reduce chances of damaging your FEP. Moreover, you will not have to do that tedious cleaning of FEP when those intricate blobs have to be scraped off the bottom.

Cross-shaped bridges

This is a very intricate change. We got some suggestions that the angle here was quite low. This might have led to undesired layer failures. Although we have built this part as a torture test, we understood this concern. Thus we added additional filleting just below the cross-shaped bridges.

3D printer calibration part cross-shaped bridges

Some AmeraLabs town users expressed concern regarding these inscribed and raised features. The main stated issue was that when object was sliced, overhanging or non-supported islands were formed.

3D printer calibration print

We did not change this as these islands usually do not result in any issues. The reason is that formed island actually lasts around 1-3 layers depending on the thickness of the layer. After these several layers it will eventually attach to calibration part and the printing process will continue without leaving any cured blobs on the bottom of resin tray. These features are great to determine how strong light bleeding effect is, which is a result of both 3D printing material and your chosen settings.

3D printer calibration print

We honestly hope that these minor improvements will make you more comfortable using this great 3D printer calibration print. To know more about all its features and how to interpret them, go ahead and read our blog post.

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